Door Window Sensors

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What is a Door Contact Sensor?

A contact sensor is an important component of security systems and smart homes. Although the solution was originally designed to detect when intruders opened windows or doors, the device has evolved over the years to offer many more functions. In fact, it provides the data smart homes need to take intelligent actions. A contact sensor can turn your lights on, trigger a smart door alarm on your smartphone or control a smart thermostat, among other functions.

How Does It Work?

Door contact sensors communicate to a security system if doors or windows are closed or open. They can be installed all over a house on windows, doors, or even desk drawers and lockers. Available in two pieces, one part of contact sensors is installed on the door while the other piece is fixed on the door jamb or frame.

During installation, the two pieces of contact sensors are placed next to each other. Built to use magnetic fields, the two pieces track door movements. They drift apart if the door is open, causing the contact sensor to transmit ‘open’ signals to the security system.

Why is it Important to Have Door Contact Sensors?

Having contact sensors does not only improve your home and business security but allows for a lot more features. Let's go through some of them.

1. Activates/Triggers Alarms

Traditionally, contact sensors were used in security systems to trigger alarms if an intrusion is detected. If contact sensors transmit ‘open’ window or door signals in an armed security system, the alarm is triggered. Otherwise, the converse is true.

2. Generates Real-Time Smartphone Alerts

Contact sensors can also generate real-time alerts on your smartphone, each time ‘open’ or ‘closed’ signals are transmitted. With the information, homeowners can know when doors in their houses are opened. Depending on the type of information a homeowner needs, alerts can be customized to provide specific important information.

For instance, the contact sensors can be configured to trigger real-time alerts if homeowners leave their houses without closing doors. Similarly, going to bed with some windows open can also cause contact sensors to trigger alerts on Smartphone devices.

3. Offers Protection

Due to ease-of-installation and the wireless nature of contact sensors, homeowners can use them to keep track of different things as follows:

Valuables – Contact sensors can help keep track of valuables such as jewelry boxes and safes, letting owners know when they are accessed or left open.

Warehouse/Shop/Office Main Door – Contact sensors can immediately notify you when the entrance door of your business has been opened.